16 August 2011

okay I know

I am useless at keeping up this blog. We have had a very busy time in the last few months - work is busy we have opened another office in Birmingham which is about 90 minutes away from here - luckily I don't have to go there too often now.

family life has been busy helping my middle son Daniel and his fiance to organise their wedding next June. We have also booked our family holiday for October next year 2012 for a caribbean cruise - different islands this time and I am so looking forward to it but before that Gill and I are off to Sorrento for a week over the easter weekend and we are so excited about that too am wanting to go and visit pompeii and herculaum (sorry can't spell that one).

In the meantime I have been doing quite a bit of my cross stitching and also trying to complete my last cruise holiday scrapbook album - am about half way through and also carrying on with the canada one which of course is ongoing. then after that I need to do my Australia one from February this year.

son number 3 Andy has moved out yet again to stay with his girlfriend in a house they are hoping to buy but have a few obstacles in the way at the moment but they will get there if they really want to.

I am currently stitching two projects - one for the wedding which Daniel and Kate don't know about and the other is a Golden Kite project called Reading by the Window and is going to take approximately 2 years to stitch - unless I can give up work and finally retire but that is looking unlikely. I will upload photos of both as soon as I can x

well I have had yesterday and today off work which is lovely just for a chill out :) husband and I are off to climb moel famau in wales today assuming the weather holds out so we will take the camera and see what we can get in pics :) if we actually get there of course x

then it is mother in laws birthday so we are taking them both out for tea and then i think we are visiting a friend - so much for a chill out day...... lol

by for now x

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