12 June 2012


Oh dear I have not been blogging in while - we have had one busy year since my last blog :) The wedding arrangements were well on their way and culminated in Daniel and Kate's fantastic wedding on 2nd June 2012. I will upload some fab photos soon :) They are currently honeymooning in Mexico :)

Liam our eldest son was home from Canada for a month for the wedding and he and his girlfriend Kara did so much whilst they were here in the UK - they visited London for 4 days and also Liam went to Hamburg for the stag do with his brothers (of course) his dad and several of Daniel's mates seeing as it was his stag do.  they had a fabulous time and photos will be uploaded soon :)

I have been to Sorrento for a week with Gill - we went over Easter so we didn't have to book too much time off work and we had a brilliant time, even though on our first morning there Gill was getting into the shower and the mat which you put in the bath was not fit for the purpose and as she put her foot on it, it slipped from under her and she hit the bath edge with her face, splitting her lip and breaking a front tooth and pushing the other 3 back...... the hotel staff were brilliant - they took us to A&E and also picked us up - staying to explain to the hospital staff what had happened - having said that they all spoke perfect english.... putting us to shame.... she had two stitches and was very brave as didn't have any anaesthetic on it.... mind you I think I was braver cos I watched ;) The A&E in Sorrento was 100% better than ours we were in and out within an hour and back at the hotel in time for breakfast - which Gill ate all mushed up - we became known as the ladies who drank coffee with a straw (not me of course, Gill).  We visited Herulaneum, Pompei, the Amalfi Coast - which was just stunning - again I will put some photos up when I can - at the moment I am in work and I really need to get started :) not that I want to of course but I better had.

I have a weekend away planned with my husband in July in Derbyshire so looking forward to just having a chill out time and then in September another with Gill (can't remember offhand where we are going but its not too far for us to travel) and then our cruise (husband and I with two friends) in October for 16 days around the caribbean :)

Right am off to do some work now will be back later - hopefully x

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